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Well, I’ve taken the plunge and accepted paid advertising. I never thought I’d actually do it. However, as my combined sites’ Technorati authority ratings have climbed, offers have increased. I won’t even CONSIDER porn ads, though those offers were SUBSTANTIAL and into the four figures. My Technorati authority rating broke 5 not that long ago — and now it’s up to six!

I finally got a sponsorship offer that I didn’t find offensive, was related to what I talk about, and covered my annual ISP hosting bill. The fact that I have a lot of sports pages, often talk about sports, and quite frankly, like sports made this one of interest. So, I am pleased to announce, as my first sponsor and Première sponsor, Barry’s Tickets. If you like this site, please click on the link or banner ad and check them out. Sure, they do non-sports stuff, but that’s not what made them attractive to me as a sponsor:

Here’s the little blurb we wrote about them for their sponsor tag-line: Barry’s Tickets — our site sponsor — is your one-stop source for tickets to the hottest events nationwide. We offer premium seating and sold-out tickets as well. As a privately owned ticket broker, Barry’s Tickets has seats for all sports and entertainment events buying and selling tickets at the best prices available. Visit them and help support our site!

I hope they get some business — to be clear I get no commission from sales. They paid me a flat fee, and I agreed to give them a one-year exposure until 8-31-08. So far, they’ve been extremely professional. You will see their ads around my sites as follows:

  1. ( left-side navigation bar on EVERY SINGLE page in the site exclusive to them
  2. index page left-side navigation bar exclusive to them
  3. index page left-side navigation bar exclusive to them
  4. index page TOP OF LIST banner ad (like the one above)
  5. index page TOP OF LIST banner ad (like the one above)

So, share the love and click on the from my website. If you buy and they ask where you came from, mention DARSYS.COM, DARSYS.NET, and/or PANTHERSHOCKEY.NET.

The entire cost of the domain was paid for by this and left me a two-cent profit. If I get another sponsor, I can probably get paid off too. Send me an offer — the more zeros the better 🙂

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