Another Mac In The Wall

I normally just write about what’s on my mind and don’t take requests as it were. However, because the topic was so appropriate for me and because the person who sent it to me is as cute as a button (Erin), I’ve got no other choice than to throw it on my blog for all the world to see — or at least the 500+ visitors I still get every week. I’ve written on this topic before.

So many people are switching to the Mac, hence the rising sales of their computers (Yay) it almost isn’t worthy of note. I could name many famous Mac users who are recent converts, though I think people would be hard pressed to find anyone who recently switched away from a Mac.

But this case amuses me greatly because it’s none other than billionaire Marc Cuban. Mark says I had gotten to the point where I was embarrassed to be a PC owner. So a few months ago I made the executive decision to buy a MacBook to replace my laptop. I haven’t looked back. Like most honest people he’s got complaints with the Mac. One of which, I might add isn’t valid. I have no idea why he can’t left click. That’s been available to Mac users for ages. Maybe he’s got it turned off.

Remember: changing the world, one person at a time. Do your part. Save the world from the Microsoft.

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