I hate Christmas

Dear God Almighty. I was at BJ’s Wholesale today to buy some bulk stuff for work — this is a routine event. Today, I wish to point out is 22 September 2007. They had artificial Christmas trees, wrapping, decorations, and were playing Christmas music. It’s 93 days away. Save us all from holiday creep.

How on Earth can you have Halloween Decorations next to Christmas Decorations. They haven’t even got that Thanksgiving stuff out yet. It’s unseemly and just a little bit creepy.

In other news, Thomas is still in the rehab center for his hip. I went and got his keys and got him stuff from his house. My good deed for today, I suppose. He was under quarantine in his room because of some infection from surgery, so we really couldn’t visit much. Went to lunch at Smokey Bones with Erin, Kathy & William, and Adrian. Got home around five, and then went off to BJ’s which is what started this post.

The weather outside is frightful.

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