The Kingdom: An Unexpected Review

I wanted to see The Kingdom because the previews were interesting even though it didn’t seem like “my type” of movie. I figured I might like it or be entertained. I didn’t actually expect it to be good. This is an action film that has more than its fair share of suspense.

Although Jennifer Garner is wasted, getting no significant screen time, the rest of the cast does well. I must say the surprise casting move was Jason Bateman of Arrested Development in a largely dramatic role. He does very well. Jamie Foxx of course, rocks in his role.

To sum it up, there’s a suicide bombing in Saudi Arabia targeted at an American Compound. A bit painful to watch and very bloody to boot. You also get a very condensed but oddly accurate representation of the rise of Saudi Arabia as an Islamic Kingdom. I was expecting a highly politicized film. It is, but not in the way you’d expect. There are no red-state/blue-state issues in this film but there are lots of political statements.

You will be drawn in. You’ll even accept the film’s notion that there are good and bad people on both sides. So, it makes it really difficult to accept the film’s devastating last revelation. “What did he whisper in your ear?” To reveal the answer here would spoil the impact, but I have to say this is a FANTASTIC film and I recommend it without reservation and qualification to anyone over the age of 13 as long as the sight of blood doesn’t gross you out. There is a lot of it, but in a film like this there’s no alternative.

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