I’m tired and cranky….

… and I just don’t like most people anymore. Not that anyone out there in blog-land cares. But my faith in people continues to drop. I suppose I need to upgrade a few of the people I hang around with or maybe just expect less so I’m not disappointed.

I got an email from the Venetian/Palazzo inviting me back to spend more money. I guess they’ll pay my way. I suppose times are tough because I know my level of play and in a normal economy that shouldn’t get me comped room and board in Vegas at any high-end hotel. I mean I have been comped at a long string of properties: Mandalay Bay, Venetian, Paris, Harrah’s (never take ’em up on it), Bellagio, but my level of play has dropped considerably, and these places shouldn’t invite me back. Now granted I get discount offers all the time, in fact they’re coming out of my ass. I have nearly twenty (20) on my desk now. It’s a sign of the economy that a player of my calibre is getting comp offers from a very high-end hotel. My play does NOT warrant it. Although I gamble a lot and know how to work the system, my means simply do not allow me to run that much cash through their counting cycle. (See my many other posts about this or my Vegas website.) While I’ll be in Vegas for a few days for my annual convention, there’s not much gambling there and if I cycle enough for it to even register, I’ll be shocked. If I ever get RTB, I’ll die of shock. (RTB = Room, Travel, and Board. T is the big one.)

I’m irritated at the ‘cats for their shitty performance last night. Apparently, they forgot they were a hockey team for 2 of the 3 periods. I guess everyone has a bad game.

The open house at work was a bust, but I actually enjoyed it. And it made me clean my office spotless. A dirty, thankless job. The Hitachi-babe was there so my male employees were all in a very good mood.

And the stupid Progressive people called today. The guy was nice, but I still hate them. I have 40 years of weekly chiropractor visits ahead of me at $150 a pop. That comes out to $312,000 plus missed time from work, travel, gas, etc. He’s thinking I’ll be lucky to get five figures. And they wonder why I’m looking for a lawyer. I let him know I am. He wasn’t surprised and then wanted to know who it was, which I declined to state.

Enough of this post. You’re bored of it and so am I.

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