Today’s Medical Reports

I am relieved as all hell to report that I do not currently have Barrett’s esophagus which I was afraid I might have. Barrett’s esophagus is a relatively uncommon side effect of Acid Reflux (see multiple previous blog entries) that often leads to esophageal cancer, which is generally fatal. Anyway, I don’t have it so enough of that. However, my Acid Reflux is acting up strongly again because a new granuloma has recurred (if you remember, I had a previous pair) and is also located on my vocal cords. As such, I’m going on a new regimen of drugs and stronger dosages and frequencies thereof and expect more arguments from my shit-ass insurance company. I am confident in Dr. Newman, the doctor in question, so we’ll see what happens. I go back in six months unless I feel my granuloma is getting worse in which case I go back immediately. Those of you who have talked to me recently know how bad my voice has sounded.

My dad is not-cancer free, but he’s almost cancer free and it has retreated to negligible levels. There’s no such thing as “almost” or “negligible” in the cancer world, but he is no longer in any immediate danger of dying from his lung cancer (second-hand smoke is bad, which is what caused it). All good news has some bad news with it, and this is no exception. His bronchial passageways, which were already a mess because of his chronic and severe asthma, are in very, very bad shape due to damage caused by the cancer treatment, so he is going to a pulmonary specialist soon to see what, if anything, can be done.

And, for those concerned, Scooter has stopped gaining weight but she is at a relatively healthy weight for her advanced (20+) years — having recovered from the 5-1/2 or so pounds she sunk to at the bottom of her illness. She’s happy. She’s not so playful anymore — probably because of the ligament that’s torn which they can’t operate on due to her age — but she’s happy to be petted. She’s even jumping small distances again, though getting down still challenges her. Her hearing is definitely shot for good (cry), and she has dental issues which they also can’t fix due to her age.

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