Happy Whatevers

Dear Loyal Reader(s):

Okay, there’s lots of you out there but most of you just use RSS so you’ll probably skip this. However, to those who do read all the posts I’d like to wish you a Happy — be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or some other event.

And I’d like to wish everyone a very happy, healthy, auspicious, and prosperous New Year. I certainly hope it’s better than the last one. I also look forward to booting our current despots — Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney — from the office they hold as the result of fraudulent elections. That is going to be the best part of the new year and it cannot come too soon.

The blog will be silent for about two weeks as I shall be on holiday and am going to sever myself from all computer access during that time. Yeah, a proper holiday.

I’d also like to welcome Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, to YouTube where The Royal Channel contains all sorts of fascinating goodies. I would suggest you start with her 1957 inaugural Christmas television address and then follow it with whatever other videos may amuse you. It’s just fascinating. She’ll be posting her current message later today, but I shall be away by then.

I guess that’s about it. Thanks for reading my posts this year, and double thanks to those who actually posted replies. And special gratitude to those of you who link to this blog.

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