Randomness Part Cinq

All sorts of stuff:

  1. I am listening to “Hooterization: A Retrospective” which is a really fantastic album — basically the Hooters greatest hits album. Highly recommended.
  2. I have updated my Amazon wish list.
  3. I returned a number of improperly fitting gifts today for the appropriate size.
  4. I bought cat food today
  5. I went to BJ’s Wholesale today. They now stock Blu-Ray DVDs. Blockbuster stocks only Blu-Ray now. Warner Brothers has announced it will discontinue HD-DVD sales on 18 March 2008 leaving 6 of the 8 major studios now Blu-Ray only. Most analysts are predicting a slow death of HD-DVD by late 2008. Paramount and Universal are the two remaining HD-DVD players. Apple, Dell, Sony, and HP have all embraced the technology for their computers. I think Sony’s won this battle and probably the war. That’s a good thing because Blu-Ray is a far superior format in almost every way. Usually the consumer picks the cheaper format and not the better one. I guess in this case, it worked out. See previous blog post.
  6. I am still sick. A bit of a stuffed, runny nose and a dry, hacking cough from hell.
  7. Your 1040-ES 4th quarter payment is due 15 January 2008, if appropriate.
  8. The US dollar continues to slide. I think I should transfer all my money to my UK bank account.
  9. I went skating yesterday with Adrian (YAY) and we saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets. I rather enjoyed the film. It was not as a good as the first one. Though it was entirely predictable, it was still enjoyable and a rollicking good time. See a few sentences I wrote about the first one here.
  10. Last night I made a huge Pork Chop with orange sauce. It was way too tough. Tonight, I’m going to make Kraft Organic Dinner and mix in a 1/2 pound of ground beef and some peas.
  11. Home hockey games resume 8 January and I’m psyched.
  12. The idiot light on my car came on. I have an appointment 14 January.
  13. Austri is back from her mud bath in Calistoga. I got an e-mail from her. I thought she was ignoring me but she was just out of town.
  14. Spoke to Erin and we might do dinner before the game on the 8th.
  15. The Panthers are sucking ass.
  16. To all my readers I wish you a very happy new year

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