Randomness Part Six

First, I updated an old post with some additional Cal alumni including Jay Ward (class of ’41) the creator of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Second, blog traffic is creeping up again which pleases me. All-time historical hot topics now include Led Zeppelin in first place with about 7% of my 160,000+ hits since I got my tracking software. Daniel Radcliffe’s Penis is still a hot (cough) topic at around 6% and that traffic does nothing but blow through here (forgive the pun). I’m half tempted to delete those posts because it’s traffic I don’t want. I won’t do it of course. In third place is the Dell Sucks topic with about 3% of total traffic. Recent hot topics include the aforementioned in addition to my reviews of Terry Goodkind’s books and my review of My Name is David. Also regaining popularity is that damned “Crazy Frog or Coldplay” post with 172 hits this week alone.

Third, I did not skate this weekend because Adrian was sick. I need a back-up skating partner. I am fat and need the exercise. I start a new diet along with many other people from work. I hope it helps. I want to lose 30 pounds but if I do half of that I’ll be lucky. It’s a one-month contest. Tonight is my “last meal.”

Fourth, I replaced all three of my exterior lights yesterday with ones that (I hope work). They’re all made by Home Depot’s “Hampton Bay” division and they all suck. The photocells don’t last long and every year or so they have to be replaced. One year I will get motivated and get them from Lowe’s instead but then I’ll have to re-drill lots of holes in the walls for new mounting brackets.

Fifth, my neighbours are getting their new roof now. Amazingly, two years after the dual-hit of Wilma/Katrina people are still having roof work done in my neighbourhood.

Sixth, my ex-friends continue to vex me but it’s my own damn fault that I continue to let them bother me. I could mention Josh’s name here, for instance, but I won’t. Or Eric’s for that matter. Spiteful, I am 🙂

Seventh. Relatives suck. Pretty much the whole lot of ’em.

Eighth. I must be Belgian? Why? I am a bit Phlegmish today. That was funny as hell. I hope you laughed.¨C14C

Ninth. At 3pm today we’re all meeting at Cracker Barrel before the hockey game for a very late lunch or early dinner depending on your POV.

Tenth, and rather amusing, is the story of the first official piece of electronic advertising — the fault of a dentist no less. Economist Magazine.

Last, but most important, Scooter got her check-up today. Everything is still same as last time, though she’s lost a little bit of weight (not good). Her thyroid is under control from medication. Her kidney functions remain in the danger zone (just barely) but are not treatable — the vet was surprised as she expected a worsening: good kitty 🙂 So we’re going to adjust (slightly) her thyroid dose from 1 pill AM and 1/2 pill PM to remove the 1/2 PM pill every OTHER day. Her shoulder ligament problem is worse — it’s more inflamed but there’s nothing they can do as the vet doesn’t think she can survive the surgery. I will get a second opinion soon.

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