State of The Panthers (Follow-Up)

I am following up to my previous blog post with more details to give everyone a perspective. I received a number of e-mails asking what the problem was, as long as we’re in the playoff hunt. In the NHL it doesn’t matter how bad you are: the division winner is guaranteed a playoff spot. That’s why. No matter how we may FEEL about our team, we still suck. This dose of reality is important. The only reason we have any shot at a playoff spot is because our division sucks worse than a ….. (fill-in-the-blank). Now here’s a triple analysis using the standings on the morning of 20 January 2008:

In our division (Southeast of the Eastern Conference) we are 4 points out of first place, help by struggling Carolina. Yep, a lousy four points. We’re also three points out of LAST place in our division — thanks to Tampa. Fact is there’s only a seven-point spread between top and bottom in our division.

We are in a three-way tie (46points) for second to last place. Only Tampa (who is the only team we’re ahead of in our division trails us). If we take the FIRST PLACE team in our division (Carolina) — they would be tired for LAST in the Atlantic and only four points out of last in the Northeast. Yes, that’s how bad our division is.

It doesn’t improve much by throwing (Los Angeles) with 38 points into the mix. Nobody else has less points than 47 in the entire Western Division. Thus, we’d be tied for THIRD worst team in the NHL behind Tampa and LA. Carolina would be tied for last in the Central, second to last in Northwest, and tied for next to last in the Pacific. The Panthers would be last in every division except the Pacific owing to the graces of LA who can’t apparently beat a rented mule.

That’s pretty quick and I can expound further if there’s interest.

In other news, that bitch Adrian stood me up for skating, so I’m bored.

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