Scooter Update 3.0

Hello Boys and Girls:

Today’s Scooter Update: After an all-day fast (poor kitty) so she could be sedated for an x-ray, I come home to a ravenous kitty who looks like she wants to bite me. Her plaintive meow is responded to by me picking her up and shoving her delicately as possible into a cat carrier. I drive to the vet at Warp 2 to minimize the in-car time because as I drive, Scooter tries to break out of said carrier. She’s been successful before, too, so it’s a real concern.

I must add, this is my original vet and not the new vet. He’s checking for stuff that she hasn’t done that I’ve asked her about several times with no discernible result.

We arrive at the vet’s office which is, happily, deserted. I take Scooter out of the carrier, so the vet doesn’t have to risk life and limb to do so. He decides to try and x-ray her without sedation. I offer to hold her in place, but he insists that it’s not safe in x-ray room. I scoff, mentioning I’ve had more x-rays that anyone except Evil Knievel, but he refuses my assistance. I see why as he sends his two poor nurses in to do the dirty work while he discusses Scooter with me. He plays 20,000 questions and takes notes.

I try to pet the office cat — they have an office cat — named Levi. Levi takes one look at me and hides behind the microwave. Vet assures me I shouldn’t take it personally, but I do anyway. I say hello to poor doggie who almost died of a ruptured appendix (or something like that) but is recovering and in pain.

X-rays are complete, and I get Scooter and hold her while vet and I talk more, and X-rays develop. X-rays show Scooter has mild arthritis, so her walking issues are not related to that. She probably needs more exercise which she can’t get. I’ll try and get her to play more laser-pointer. He said he would discourage me from medicating her with anything at this point as it would cause more problems than it would cure. Glucosamine works well in dogs, but he says not all cats respond well and he doesn’t recommend it for Scooter — something the other vet said as well. So, Scooter’s back legs are slightly arthritic but not bad for a cat her age. He can’t find the problem with her shoulder that is obviously there somewhere. Other vet thinks it’s a torn ligament and says she can feel it but neither original vet nor me can find said problem.

Ask vet to look at Scooter’s ear gunk — which both he and other vet have ruled out as ear-mites. He’s amazed at how bad since I’ve just cleaned it again. He takes a sample to send to lab for testing to make sure it’s nothing serious. Pay for vet bill — Scooter has now cost more than my car. She’s worth it, and I’m not complaining.

Take Scooter home and she eats like the pig she used to be. I want her to gain weight so she can build strength. I’m stressed and Scooter’s sleeping.

There’s a box from Apple in my room. I’ll open it this weekend.

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