Thoughts and Prayers to Richard Zednik

Richard Zednik of the Florida Panthers last night took a skate to the carotid artery and almost lost his life. He skated to the bench, glove covering his neck — a move that doctors say may have saved his life. Imagine 5 seconds more and he’d have possibly bled to death.

A totally freak accident. Horrific to see. There are some horrific photos and as bad as poor Zednik looks, the shock on his face evident, the pools of blood all over, the reaction of the audience is the real horror. The on AP shot shows peoples’ faces and you can just tell they’re realizing “this guy isn’t going to live.”

Happily, Zednik will make it. The Panthers hired a jet to fly his family to Buffalo.

I am a bit shocked that they stopped the game for 10 to 15 minutes and then cleaned the ice and resumed. I’d have cancelled it. Yeah, we lost. A forfeit would have been fine. No real fan would have said word one.

I’ve been hard on Zednik this year until the past few games. But he’d awoken from his slumber and was playing well. I hope he can, one day, return to the game.

I must warn you some of the links below contain graphic text, horrific photos and/or gruesome video with enormous amounts of blood.

A very complete collection of Zednik Videos (various angles, etc) and photos.
Some of the above images are especially gruesome in nature.

This isn’t the first time he left the ice on a stretcher. When he was with the 2002 Montreal Canadiens…. <— photo only

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