Fraud Case Update Part Two

My money is back in my account as of this morning. YAY!

However, there’s more. Because my old on-line banking account was locked out because of fraud, I had to go to the branch (my local branch) to reactivate it with the new account. Well guess what, kiddies? There was a new on-line account created so someone could monitor my account online.

To avoid revealing evidence, I’ll skip the details. However, this got caught when they asked me my security question and we found the answers were all changed. Tomorrow, I will advise BankAtlantic of these new details. It gets curiouser and curiouser. The lady at BankAtlantic was kind enough to let me know they log IP addresses. That will be useful.

I’ve also never used phone banking. Honestly, I didn’t even KNOW there was such a thing. However, on 1 February 2008 there were two phone banking calls as well. Obviously not by me. Too many red flags with too much information to be anything but an inside job.

I’d really like to thank my friends who showed support, offered to lend me funds temporarily, took me out to eat, and all that sort of stuff in addition to the moral support. I won’t update this story again until I get some real news, but this was of enough interest to share with all of you.

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