Another Rough Day

This one for Erin who was the victim of an attempted mugging at the mall.

The Higgi called in sick to the game. So I called Erin from work to plan dinner. Last night (Friday) we were planning to meet for dinner. She called me and changed from Food Court #1 to Food Court #2. Then Thomas decided to go with us for dinner. Then she called me again to change to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

I arrived first, Thomas arrived a few moments after me, and she said she was pulling into the mall momentarily. She asked us to get the table and wait for her. We did indeed.

We were seated way in the back, so I called her to tell her. I got her voicemail, which was odd, but perhaps she was on the phone. Another 10 minutes went by, and I called again. No answer. I was a little concerned considering there was parking aplenty.

A few minutes later the phone rang, she said she was robbed and hung up. As you can imagine that didn’t sit well. I called her back and asked where she was, but she didn’t say other than to say she was with security and to just wait and she’d come by. With no way to actually find her (the mall is enormous if you’ve never been to Sawgrass Mills), we decided we’d order without her and just wait. She finally traipsed in some time later covered in mud.

What happened? A young female (probably a teen) came up to her in the parking lot and asked if she had a dollar. Erin replied that she didn’t carry cash. Then when Erin tried to put her phone in her pocket, the female hit her wrist had to make Erin try and drop her phone. Erin did but started to chase the crook (crookette?) but Erin slipped in the mud and lost her footing. Thankfully Erin is okay, and nothing was taken. Mall Security was unable to find the perpetrator nor were the police. She, understandably, ditched the game — at least the Panthers won in her honour.

Me, I awakened at 310am with violent and explosive diarrhoea and vomiting. Felt like food poisoning. Not sure it was dinner (Orange Chicken on a bed of rice with Snow Peas from the Cheesecake Factory) or lunch (a pork sandwich and baked beans from the hitching post). I might have to throw away my orange chicken leftovers. I probably shouldn’t eat it though it was very tasty.

Erin came over and we did geeky computer things together. Yay. I even updated the Panthers Hockey Message Board to phpBB version 3.0 — woo-hoo!

I still have the frequent diarrhoea, though calling it that implies there is some substance to it. More like pure water. Where it’s all coming from, I have no idea. Sorry. You didn’t want to read that did you.

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