Gas Breaks $4

Okay, so this weekend we saw lots of Diesel gas approaching $4 but not hitting. Today, at the station by my house, it’s $4.01 and regular is $3.33 — though I’ve seen as high as $3.49 for regular. Premium is $3.50 to $3.60! I never really thought I’d see gas with a “4” as a first digit here in the mainland USA, then again, I thought that about “3” and “2” as well.

So, I was going to complain bitterly about how horrible this is, even though we pay half of what they do in Europe. In Hawaii, it’s broken $5.

This gas station — in San Mateo, CA — is not that far from Austri’s house. It’s an AP photo which shows a man walking past a sign advertising gasoline prices on Monday, March 10, 2008, (AP Photo/Ben Margot) And I thought I was being ripped off….  (Photo lost to posterity but this is hardly news in 2022. 12-4-22)

I’m sure we’ll be just as bad within a month.

Addendum: I saw $4.05 on the way home from the post office.

Addendum II: My x-ray results are due tomorrow. I couldn’t sleep all night and was at the hospital at 630am, checked into radiology by 715am and out the door by 830am. Pretty quick for a hospital visit. More calls from insurance companies today. Someone will pay but I’m still confused as to whom and for how much.

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