Stuff I am currently thinking about….

  1. I miss the Fab One-Shot. The best laundry product ever. I discovered it in college. Obviously invented by a guy. No need to think. One packet in with the clothes and
    it contained detergent, fabric softener, everything. Then move the whole batch to the dryer. All done. SCORE!
  2. The Aero bar. No longer available in the US — most people here just didn’t go for it — but thankfully I can still get them in Canada and the UK. Mom brought me one and I intend to eat it tomorrow.
  3. Smarties. Yum. Screw M&Ms. Smarties are way better. Not for sale in the USA due to a trademark issue with the US Smarties. Totally different candies.
  4. Josh. I should know better, but I don’t. ::mutter:: Oh, and Eric Hedlund, too. I wonder what he’s doing right now?
  5. Austri. I really do have to tell her about the Billy Crystal concert being cancelled. Tomorrow for sure. Which reminds me, my trade show in Vegas is rapidly approaching.
  6. Banana Nesquik. I am running low and the other brands are just not as good.
  7. Milo has returned to the USA and I’ve just bought some at my Publix. I first had it on the Caribbean Island nation of Dominica when I was a kid.
  8. Schweppes Lemonade — a UK only drink, not for sale in the USA. I’d like some right now.
  9. My review of Vladimir Tod from Friday. I’m thinking I’ll re-read it again.
  10. The fact I spent $180 on the plumber. He was here for 16 minutes. But the shower in my guest bathroom works again.
  11. I am itchy.
  12. Dinner did not fill me up. I am hungry. I am a pig. Blech.
  13. Adrian because we ended up not skating and not seeing a movie. Nobody is to blame because it just didn’t work out.
  14. London. I’m half tempted to go for the weekend. I could use miles. Leave Friday night. Arrive Saturday morning. Spend the day there. Fly home Sunday morning. Travel is great. No way would I do it. But I like thinking about it. Nobody would be crazy enough to go with me, anyway. Foyle‘s, Forbidden Planet, the London Transport Museum, a tour of the new Bond exhibit at the Imperial War Museum, maybe a show, a dinner at Rules, and a trip on the Eye. I could it all in that one day. That does sound fun, doesn’t it?
  15. Both The Simpsons and Family Guy are repeats tonight. Hence my ruminations on number 9 above.
  16. I was thinking about Rob Barry. He wrote me — snail mail — two years ago and said we ought to write something together. I wrote him back twice (email and snail mail) and never heard back. That’s a project that has always interested me. Rob’s smart. I like Rob.
  17. I’m still vexed by converting Claris Resolve to a current format, especially now that I can’t even run OS-9 reliably.
  18. I was thinking about visiting Pystar’s offices to discuss the Mac clone. Pystar is a short drive from my house. I’m sure they’re scammers, but I want to see for myself. If I’m wrong, I’ll buy one.
  19. I need a literary agent still. I’ll never get published without one. One day… One day…
  20. Scooter’s vet check-up went well, so another 90 days of hopeful good health. Everything was as normal as could be. The thyroid medications is working her kidneys are starting to fail but she’s compensating well.
  21. How to get more traffic to my Panthers (and other teams) Hockey Message boards.

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