Why Apple Rocks (Thanks Paul)

Apple Rocks. I always say that in my other blog posts. So you know, I am basically a happy Apple camper. However today is a fine example of why Apple Rocks More.

As you may remember I had an issue with my new monitor wherein I plugged it into my firewire port and everything stopped working.

I shan’t bore you with the details but will sum up the saga quickly. I spoke to a gentleman by the name of Paul. Paul has the COOLEST e-mail address ever. I’d love to tell you what it is so you could all be insanely jealous of it like I am. But I can’t as it wouldn’t be right. Anyway, he’s in the escalation area of AppleCare. He helped me as best as he could, and ultimately had me file a case with engineering. They replaced my monitor for free through my original vendor. That was a bit of a hassle because there were communications issues between Apple and my vendor and things got a bit botched up. I ended up being out about $38 in shipping. The world will not stop because of this. I had forgot about Paul, figuring it was done.

A few weeks ago he called and said he’d arranged for the swap of my monitor also. I told him that it was all done through engineering. Who, in their wisdom, hadn’t let Paul know. He asked if I was happy, and I sort of let it drop that I was except for the small freight charges. He offered to make good on it, but I demurred, but he insisted on sending me software or something. I told him if he felt that strongly he could send me a cool Apple t-shirt. (Apple is famous for t-shirts — link to great book I own about about it). He asked my favourite colour and I gave him a few choices and he said he’d send something right out.

It sort of slipped my mind as I’ve been really busy and stressed about various things lately. I got a box at work today from “AI” (Apple Inc.) and it was small and light, and I said “Oh, cool, he really did send me the shirt!” And I excitedly opened it. No t-shirt, boys and girls.

Inside: One Apple iPod shuffle 3rd generation (MB227LL/A) Blue 1 GB Digital MP3 player– read the product specs. Yeah. Take that Dell. This is why Dell will always suck as I said in a previous post. Dell doesn’t care about their customers (they still suck) and Apple does care (and doesn’t suck). Point, set, and match to Apple.

THANK YOU, PAUL! You rock. Apple rocks. (Moof!)

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