Welcome to a New Sponsor and Stuff

First, a warm welcome to my new sponsor www.guidetoonlineschools.com which is sponsoring some technology related posts in my blog. They picked this post first and may add other posts if they feel they’re doing well. As always, fees paid are not disclosed. I’m not getting rich, but that isn’t what this blog is about. I’ve also made a formal “sponsor” policy for my websites. I figured it was better to have it all written out. You can see that here. I also turned down an advertising opportunity that was very well paid because the ads detracted from the look and feel of my site. Although at the bottom of the page, they were just ugly and intrusive.

In other news, I am still sick with a cold. Nothing fatal or even interesting but it’s very irritating I can tell you that. I had chicken soup, bread, and cheese for dinner. I followed that with some grapes and some leftover beef jerky.

My lost hard drive was mysteriously returned to me at work yesterday with no note and the original address still on it. UPS still shows the original package as “delivery exception” for no apparent reason. Meanwhile, I notified UPS of their error and I’ve repacked it and reshipped it. It should be at the repair depot tomorrow if nothing else goes amiss. This is a bad luck drive.

Tonight is the season finale of Lost. I am excited.

And a political commentary is last, but not least. Damn, I’ve seen Keith Olbermann go off on Bush and his cronies before, but he just tore Bush a new one. This video is awesome. By the end, he’s getting close to a true Howard Beal moment (from the movie Network — you know the I’m mad as Hell guy) The very end is classic actually.

Anyway, it’s priceless. He goes off on Bush and the crescendo just grows as Olbermann does a slow burn, bringing up a few facts which most people don’t seem to realize. And more importantly you really do realize Bush thinks it’s his war and that golf really does matter to him more than a human life. Listen to it all. Then make sure you get a non-voter or a republican to vote for a democratic candidate. If you love this country, vote against Bush. Save us all. Save your country and don’t vote for four more years of the same. Enough is enough. Stand up and tell everyone.

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