In defence of Barack Obama

In defence of Barack Obama. There’s been a lot of crap said about Mr. Obama. Like all politicians some of it true, some of it untrue. But some if it’s just horrible. So, here’s an interesting video that will appeal to all parties.

It visually debunks all those stupid-ass Obama myths: he’s a Muslim, won’t wear an American Flag pin, won’t swear on the Bible, associates with terrorists, and all that stupid stuff. Here’s proof it’s all hooey with some help from our current incumbent no less. If you can’t trust a random YouTube video, you can always read the facts for yourself at the extraordinarily unbiased and trustworthy Snopes.

You’re free to hold your own opinions, but at least form them based on truth and not lies. That is the democratic and patriotic thing to do. Don’t let small minds who are stupid, moronic boors tell you how to think. Read the facts and make your own decision.

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