Firefox and Politics

Virtually all Windows PCs ship with IE, giving it a 72% share of the browser market. Firefox, which is typically downloaded rather than factory installed, has a 17% market share, followed by Apple’s Safari at 5%. This is a nice improvement over the old days when IE was well into the 90%. Firefox is slowly eating away at IE and that’s a good thing.

Today Firefox are going to overthrow the world by trying to be the most downloaded software ever. You can get Firefox3 at and installing it. I had many false starts and stops when the servers crashed under the load placed on them when it rolled out just past 10am PST — the clock ending 24 hours later at 10am PST tomorrow.

I’ve installed at work on the PC without incident. Sadly, I’m going to have to hold out a few days on the Mac version at home. I’ve downloaded it as a show of support but due to banking issues with my bank, it will be a few weeks before I can use it. Firefox3’s default skin/theme is horrible beyond measure, and I recommend AeroFox which is very nice (it’s what I’ve installed until Noia is upgraded soon to work with FF3. Both are by the same guy.) And don’t forget to install your dictionary if you want automatic spell checking.

I have an RGA from WD and am working with CBL on my drive issues still. I will issue a full report when I can, and will add a glowing recommendation of CBL but I’m holding back because there’s still stuff going on (but nothing bad against CBL if you’re in need of recovery services).

And, lastly, from Razzie this awesome video “Why I’m voting republican.”

And, for the record, as stated in an earlier post, barring a surprise entry by Colin Powell, I will be voting for Barack Obama. If you vote republican, you’re buying for more years of hell for our country. It’s time for a change.

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