Oi! Molest THIS!

So much to report of little to no merit. First, I wish to make you all aware of a particularly insipid piece of reality television called The Two Coreys which, last year, I watched one episode of before giving up forever. The show is, at best, a train wreck.

It stars Corey Feldman and Corey Haim of the wonderful film “The Lost Boys” which, I must add was one of my favourites growing up. I thought I’d give The Two Coreys a view because they are making a direct-to-DVD sequel called Lost Boys: The Tribe. As I said, I thought the show blew chunks. Then somehow, the show has returned for a second season.

Well the show is in the news now. Why? Yes, the two Coreys had a huge row — a one-upmanship on who got molested the worst when they were teens. The video excerpt from the show is here because you won’t believe this if you don’t see it.

Molestation shouldn’t be funny but this is just creepy, yet oddly riveting in an amusing sort of way. Why the hell would you discuss this with people watching? So many blogs and news sources pounced on this and blamed poor Michael Jackson because he was friends with Mr. Feldman at the time. However, it wasn’t Michael Jackson. You can read that here in Corey’s own words.

This is just surreal and horrible. And it bears out my desire to never, ever watch this show. You have been warned. You may wish to read this article as well if you’re fascinated by train wrecks because it’s chock full of links.

Next, I must plug the new Umbrella Hat Society which I will join shortly. If you want to get in on this ground-breaking absurdity, visit the site or the site’s blog. Everyone needs a little absurdity in their life. It’s better than Red Hats: it’s Umbrella Hats. I have ordered my hat for the princely sum of $2.95 plus shipping at Oriental Trading . Although I found the item itself cheaper, the additional shipping charges wiped out the savings. Under $10 delivered. A score.

Lastly, I wish to exchange blog links with people I know. If you have a blog and would kindly link it to mine, I’d appreciate it. I will return the favour upon request. Also, any assistance with linking to my blog from your website(s), social networking pages (MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, etc) is also appreciated.

Wall*E is this weekend. I am excited. The invites are going out tomorrow once I get the movie times.

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