I have a new vehicle

It’s here. In my driveway. Parked next to my MDX which I will turn in after I get it inspected Monday (perhaps the idiot will show up this time to do his job).

Special thanks to Adrian who drove to my house at rush hour, picked me up, and drove me all the way down to South Motors to do the deed.

I researched many vehicles over the course of three weeks. I really, really, really, really, really wanted the Range Rover. I miss my old one, desperately. But the bottom line is that it was out of my price range, used too much gas, and wasn’t that environmentally friendly. All factors I had to consider. In all other factors (comfort, ride, safety, drivability, features, etc) it was the hands down winner in first place. That and I was nervous that Tata motors just bought Land Rover, the third owner (after BMW and then ford).

I ruled out the Nissan and Infiniti pretty quickly. I ruled out the Lexus because the salesman was a prick. I am not an idiot and if you treat me like one, I call you on it, and if you persist, please do not act surprised when I tell you that you’re a condescending prick and walk out whilst you are still talking.

I really wanted another MDX because it’s an ultra-low emissions vehicle, gets decent mileage, and all that stuff. But they ruined the damned car when they redesigned it. The new center console is from hell. The Pilot, which I desperately wanted to like, just lacked a certain something.

I didn’t want a BMW as I’ve never been a fan. But, under protest, I drove one a few weeks ago, and I really liked it. As you know from previous comments, it moved up the top of my list to second place. And, yes, that’s what I got. Space Age Silver with Nevada Grey interior with the Technology Package added as well as running boards (so Grandma can get in and out of the car).

The payments are a little more than I get now. The mileage is similar to my MDX, and the cost of ownership is much less. Everything except tires is included in the price. No maintenance costs for three years. Zero. And I bought the tire warranty because, as you all know, I collect flat tires to the tune of 6 or more per year. (This year being special, wherein I had 5 nails in 3 tires on one day.)

It’s here. In my driveway. Saturday if any of you want to come see it, call me. I’ll be home playing with it all day except between 5 and 6 when I will be at the vet with Scooter for her quarterly checkup. Just give me a call, and come over.

I will not be driving it too far this weekend as it’s not entirely insured until Monday due to a small glitch :/

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