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  1. I have insurance. Yay. Tomorrow, I begin regular use of my new car. My MDX has been turned in after its inspection (passed just fine).
  2. I put the HAT TRK tag on the X5 though it’s still technically registered to the MDX. One hopes BMW is making haste with that transfer. (I have a copy of the transfer paperwork with the registration in the meantime.)
  3. I have Sirius now instead of XM, something I am not very happy about. I have yet to find a good solution. The Sirius system is integrated into the car, so a change isn’t very easy. On the plus side, the first year is free. But I’d rather pay for XM but don’t want to have to plug in a separate radio.

  4. David Higgins was kind enough to make me piss my pants with this link. The idiotic religious right has gone off the deep end. Er, I mean, gone off the deep end AGAIN. Or perhaps I mean STILL off the deep end. Anyway, you gotta love when they corrected Tyson Gay’s (the sprinter) name to Tyson Homosexual. Which is also ironic because, well, he’s supposedly very conservative. The article, as changed, read in part: Homosexual didnt get off to a particularly strong start in the first semifinal, but by the halfway mark he had established a comfortable lead. He slowed somewhat over the final 10 meters-nothing like the way-too-soon complete shutdown that almost cost him Saturday. Asked how he felt, Homosexual said: “A little fatigued.” That has to make you pee your pants.
  5. My friend Paul started a political blog. I refer you to it at your own peril. At the suggestion of some to the dismay of others (probably more numerous) I’ve started a political blog. See, and you thought all my friends were liberal nutjobs. Some are conservative nutjobs. Some are even libertarian nutjobs. But at least they’re all nutjobs. Leave a comment if you’d like.


    Scooter went in this past Saturday for her bi-monthly blood work.
  6. Her kidneys are fine. Yay. This is good news because this is the part they’re concerned about. As I mentioned they are just over the line in the red zone. But that’s been over six months and though they haven’t improved, nor are they likely to, they haven’t gotten even one micron worse.
  7. Her thyroid has gone wonky again. We are increasing the dose slightly.
  8. She’s down to 8.3 pounds. I gotta get her to gain weight. I’ve done everything. I hope increasing her medicine dose helps with this. I can’t get her to eat like a pig and she used to be such a professional at it.
  9. She now completely hates anything salmon flavoured, so I have to get new Pill Pockets for Donna my pet sitter. Just out of the blue, she decided no more. A very
    cat thing to do.

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