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  1. No news on fraud.
  2. iDrive sucks. It’s the one thing about my new car that sucks ass. I really hate it more with each passing day. I like my car but not the iDrive disaster.
  3. Chiropractor visit today was helpful.
  4. StateFarm appears to be paying doctor’s bills through July so need for lawyer is shrinking. Though someone ought to sue Progressive just ’cause they’re lying assholes.
  5. The “all business class” airline concept is dead. SilverJet, MaxJet, and Eos have all folded. The last one L’Avion was bought today by British Airways.
  6. Continental Airlines and two employees are facing criminal charges in the fatal crash of Concorde in the year 2000. The French claim that a chunk of a Continental DC-10 hit the tyre, which burst and sent shrapnel into the Olympic engines causing the fire that brought the plane down. I really like Continental, but I’m not seeing how they’ll be found innocent here. Another article is here in the NY Times (thanks Mr. Rice).
  7. Fox News has done something that many other REPUTABLE organizations have fired people for. It has digitally altered photos of people who do not support their views and passed them off as otherwise. The full story on Media Matters. It was done on the decidedly un-fair and un-balanced “Fox and Friends” show. Fox News has sunk to a new low. On Wednesday, the network displayed photos that its editors had doctored of two New York Times employees — reporter Jacques Steinberg and editor Steven Radcliffe. You can see the before-and-after evidence showing that Fox purposefully yellowed Steinberg’s teeth, widened his nose and chin, and photo-shopped his ears stick out further.
  8. I am going to switch to FF3 later today because the Noia Theme is finally available. I will, sadly, have to switch from Googlebar to Google Toolbar. And, worse,
    I will lose PrintImage but I am pleased that I can finally make the switch. Beta versions of Googlebar and Favicon Picker were found making me even happier.
  9. I’m really hungry.
    I am no longer hungry, though what I ate was shite.
  10. Good luck to Mom who had an especially bad day.
  11. I went to Publix and Walgreens today because they’ll be closed today.
  12. I will take Grandma to breakfast tomorrow.

    (EDIT: Edited 8 and added 10+)

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