Randomness Part Huit

I found a bug in Firefox version 3, which I reported at Bugzilla. Really muffs up the visuals when you try to change text size on one page and it changes the text size on ALL pages. Horrific planning to implement a “new feature” at the expense of useability. Sad because it worked fine.

Adrian was sick today, so we did not go skating or eat breakfast or any of the stuff. Instead, I was bored all day. That boy has more excuses than a politician in an election campaign. Still, I hope he feels better.

I went to Pep Boys and bought a steering wheel cover for my BMW X5 and also a registration and insurance card holder. Did I mention iDrive is from hell? I suppose, soon, I’ll write a detailed missive as to why.

I printed out some pictures for Grandma from Flickr. I bought an Ecko shirt at the mall for a whopping $9.95 on sale. Disney Character Premier has jerseys on sale again — Pluto IceHounds and Mickeys Marauders hockey jerseys and Stitch Invaders football jerseys all at $24.99 each but I didn’t buy them. I might get the MM jersey because they had one in XL and XXL (both of which fit me in a hockey jersey) but the IceHounds were all size “M” and “L” — didn’t really pay much attention to the football jersey, though I do love Stitch.

I bought Maury a cool Wall*E present today. She doesn’t like the movie, or even much animation. No accounting for taste, but since her nickname is “Mo” there was no choice but to acquire the Mo Robot Toy for her. Everyone should have a toy named after them. Even if they won’t appreciate it.

I did laundry today. Walked around Office Depot where I bought one box of paper clips (vinyl coated) for my office.

If you’re into Seti@Home or astronomy, please help save the Arecibo Observatory. If you enter your details, you’ll get a PDF with a letter all ready to sign and mail. Do it. I did.

Scooter didn’t eat much yesterday or today. And she’s having more trouble walking. I will keep a close eye on her. Poor kitty.

One thing I’ve always hated is DVD drives that adhere to the “region” code. You know where you can only play certain DVDs. Why do I care? I have a large collection of subway geek videos from the UK. I bought ’em and I want to watch them on my computer as opposed to my old LaserDisc player which doesn’t check region codes. I’ve always flashed the firmware on my DVD drives on previous computers. Never was able to figure out on the Intel Mac. Until today. On this thread, you can read all about it. I want to give a special shout-out to Puma and the other great folks at RPC1.org who helped me figure out why I was not able to do it. Now it’s done.

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