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  1. I had previously mentioned that my friend Paul wrote a post on the $5.50 Per gallon gas scam in Orlando. Because Paul is different, he decided to interview people at the station with his video camera. Here’s the video or shoot to YouTube directly to view it. Leave kudos.

  2. Today I went to Google Earth for the first time in Quite Some Time and looked at home, work, and other random places. I was impressed, took a screen shot of our office, and I put it up on the company website of work from the air. It’s a nice shot. I’m including it in my blog for ha-has. For the full size one, go to our company website and it’s all the way at the bottom of my page. The yellow outline in the photo shows the approximate lot line. In the upper left-hand corner of our lot, you can see a silver box. That’s the corrugated metal roof of the car port I park under.
    Missing Photo

  3. I don’t normally post lots of photos in my blog, but here’s another one. I must thank David Higgins for this masterpiece. I got this in my e-mail today at work and disrupted the office with my laughter.
    Missing Photo

    Michelangelo’s famous statue The David returns to Italy this week after a successful 12 week, 20 city tour of the USA …

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