Art, Drives, and Stuff you don’t care about

Platform For Art: it’s one of the many things to love about the Tube (or the London Underground, or even subway for you leftpondians.) Every now and again I just have to throw in a plug for my favourite transit system of all time — BART comes in second for inquiring minds. When I go to London, I often check out Platform For Art. I would encourage those of you who visit London to check the referenced URL and see if there’s something that interest you.

I got a form e-mail from the president of Western Digital today. It was clearly a form letter and said he was concerned and was sending it to a vice-President and hopes they will make me a happy customer again. I am not holding my breath, mind you, but it was at least a reply. Hopefully it won’t be like Tony Roma’s where I got an auto-reply and never heard back again. (For more see Western Digital tags below). Speaking of Western Digital, I got a refurbished replacement drive today. I haven’t installed it yet, but I will within the week. I resent getting a refurbished drive to replace something new. Legal but not right.

My shutter company came yesterday to replace the damaged shutters. They had all sorts of problems, so now the half-working shutter is removed permanently but no new shutter has taken its place. A real problem. More on this next week.

Next week I’m also going to try to get a real driver’s license as opposed to my current one. Nothing wrong with it except it’s the old kind (3 iterations ago) and the picture looks like I was still a freshman in college. That’s probably because I was still in college when it was taken. One day I’ll have a real airport hassle. It’s time.

I am concerned about Scooter because she’s not eating enough. I’ll give it a few more days because maybe she’s going through a phase. A shout-out to Adrian who had his wisdom teeth removed, making him less wise I suppose 🙂

I stopped liking Jimmy Carter after some things he said last year. I won’t go into that. I still admire his work as a humanitarian, but I no longer contribute to his foundation. He’s free to mouth off and piss me off, and I am free to cut his funds off. It works well — and after my missive to the Carter foundation, they don’t even ASK me for money anymore. I mention him only because I read a good article about his energy policy where he tried to wean us off foreign oil. The Reagan administration killed it and every Republican since has done their damnedest to sell our country’s soul to offshore interests.

Lastly, some ass stole parts of my blog post about Tom Petty. I know this because they were kind enough to copy the typo I had in the post too. I’d link there so you could bash him, but I won’t bother. It’s one of those SEO sites that thrives on links, so I won’t support them.

I fixed the one of my outside lights today which involved turning off the power and sticking a pair of pliers into the socket to remove a broken bulb.

At work we upgraded FASPAC to version six. I volunteered us to be a Beta site. They probably aren’t happy they chose me. I submitted eight bug reports today including one three minutes into my first attempt to use a new feature. They’ve fixed two of the bugs I’ve reported and in doing so broke something else. I enjoy this stuff. They took quite a few of my suggestions from the previous versions over the past ten years and finally USED them. Woo-Hoo. FASPAC is awesome, it runs under UNIX and is relatively stable.

I itch. Everywhere. Damn it, man.

I miss some people today and am thinking of them. I hate this part.

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