Science Fiction, Double Feature (RHPS)

Well in a post-birthday celebration, we had a great evening out. First, we (everyone except Karen and Timmy) ended up going to Renegade, the awesome BBQ restaurant at the Hard Rock. I tasted alligator — the first time I’ve ever eaten it. It tastes like ….. chicken …. and I wasn’t even going to eat it, but Erin was so upset that Johnny had ordered gator (because she went to UF and is a gator), I had no choice but to eat it. It tastes like very rubbery chicken — little flavour without the BBQ sauce. I had the brisket this time. The BBQ here is authentic American Indian so the woods they use are different than typical. Afterwards, I went and donated $20 to the tribe through a slot machine. Then we were going back to Erin’s until she issued a change of plans. So, then it was to Jaxson’s for ice cream — Erin insisted, even though I was already so full that I didn’t feel well. Adrian was full, but Evan seconded the detour and off we went.

Afterwards I felt as bloated as I ever have in my life. I couldn’t finish either dinner or desert. We went back to Erin’s after that, and watched some Olympics until it was time to go to the theatre. It all came out in the end (insert drum roll) right before the movie, thankfully.

Ah, yes, we went and saw the legendary Rocky Horror Picture Show. I hadn’t seen it in about eight years and was overdue. A thread was started on my message boards (membership required) and soon we had a plan. As it turned out the date picked was the day after my birthday. It was the UK version — same as the US version but with the SuperHeroes segment included.

In attendance at the RHPS was JohnnyB, Liz, Adrian, Timmy, Erin, Karen, me, and Evan. We had a no show by my sister, David, and Andy. Whilst waiting for the delayed start of the film, we watched some of the group playing Skee-Ball. (The theatre is Flipper’s in Hollywood).

Like all RHPS shows, there is a “shadow cast” — ours being the Faithful Handymen. If you’ve never been, in front of the screen volunteers act out the movie using props and such. It’s quite fun. The cast was excellent. The lines, not as much. I’ve been to RHPS about a dozen times, and it’s always vulgar but this one was a bit over the top, but my complaint is more like they were shouting so many different lines you couldn’t hear any of them. Most theatres it’s pretty organized with the cast shouting out the same lines, and the random audience member throwing one in from a show they went to in another city. (All cities have some of their own lines.) The Frank and Eddie guys were most excellent and everyone else was good too. Frank always steals the show, but that’s to be expected.

I wore my Coconut Grove 1982 5th anniversary RHPS t-shirt which didn’t fit me worth shit anymore. But at least everyone knew I was not a RHPS virgin. I know most of the songs so could sing along, and clued my friends in when to throw stuff. The cast was pretty good about alerting people to get props ready — the nice thing is they sell prop bags so you don’t need to bring your own stuff. The show started a little after midnight and ended just before 2am. I raced home using the warp drive in my car and was in bed a little shy of 3am.

I woke up at 855am — very late for me — and was off to Adrian’s for breakfast and skating. We ended up seeing “Tropic Thunder” which was a spectacular waste of time. I didn’t hate it, and it occupied time, but wait for the dollar theatre. Or the fifty-cent theatre. It has some great scenes, it really does. But there are parts where it drags painfully. And Robert Downy is just horrible in this film as is Ben Stiller. Jack Black is awesome, though. Then I came home and am catching up on two days of mail and such. And writing this for the benefit of you, my loyal readers.

Scooter had her appointment for the mysterious black stool, but a full analysis indicates it’s weird looking but contains no blood, worms, or parasites. So monitor for a while and look for additional changes. Scooter’s feeling extra affectionate today. I am now doing laundry if you care.

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