Bill Belichick — Still Classy All The Way (NOT)

In two previous blog posts I have lambasted the arsemunch Bill Belichick for his classless and cheating ways. Classless is not a crime but cheating is. And it looks like Mr. Belichick remains a scumbag, cheating, pile of festering dung.

The AP reports: Patriots coach Bill Belichick is declining comment on a tampering accusation levelled against his team by Raiders owner Al Davis. Davis said Tuesday that the Patriots tampered with Moss before they obtained him from Oakland in a trade during last year’s NFL draft.

It’s a very sad day when Al Davis has one up on you. Al Davis is at the bottom of most football fans’ list, but Bill is fighting to see if he can be scummier. Hats off to you, Bill. You must be proud.

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