Medical Update Addendum

I am in the final stages of preparing my documentation for the hiring of an attorney. I got a copy of the “Final Interpretive Results” from the hospital (not the one my doctor did). The stuff not listed seems okay. So I won’t bore you with it.

  • At the C3-c4 and c4-c5 juncture, there is minimal disc bulging.
  • At the c5-c6 juncture, there is mild disc bulging. There is a left paracentrical focus of annular fissuring.
  • MRI demonstrates disc degeneration from C4 through C6.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound exciting or good but I’ll go over it with Doctor Cohen on the 11th. I don’t know what it means.

In other news, I’d like to throw a special shout out to Jace for talking with me last night about a certain issue and giving me a second opinion. It matches the first opinion more or less from Tim from the night before. It’s good to have a few friends you can talk to about difficult stuff and get an unbiased opinion.

And a reminder to participate in Kiva because it’s a good cause. If you want Stevie K has founded the “Do Gooder’s Team” and I’ve joined.

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