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A few people have asked about my jokes list. If you’re not on it, it’s here. I will warn you that at some point you will be offended and your complaint about it will fall on deaf ears.

My elliptical exercise machine arrived today. My exercise bike is now redundant. I will begin using it regularly starting next week. I did five minutes today. I’m going to start at 5 minutes a day for the first week, maybe 10 the second or third week. Build myself up. I must lose weight. What brought this on? My stomach. That’s the story I’m giving to everyone. It’s not the real reason, but it’s all you get. Figure it out on your own if you’re so smart 🙂

I went to the chiropractor today and had the usual treatment along with some acupuncture. I hope it helps. I remain doubtful. Adjustment was nice.

I also want to ridicule someone. No names, but I’ll just call him “101” for short. He’s on my hockey boards. He knows a bit about hockey, and while I often disagree with him, he can at least explain his answers using his “Ranger Fan” logic — this is different than real logic, I must point out. I am not even going to ridicule him because his views are different than mine. Everyone’s views are different than mine, and I don’t much care. I stopped caring recently if you’ve been paying attention. Some people are insufferable because they have no logic, no ability to learn, no ability to properly debate a topic. There’s nothing worse than someone who makes a statement and then, when proven wrong, uses opinion to support his side. You can’t use an op-ed piece to support a position. You have to use facts. When there are no facts to back up your opinion, you’ve lost. He’s an idiot. He deserves Sarah Palin. I’d say “I hope he gets her” but that would punish me, too.

Anyone want to help me get UK or Canadian citizenship in a hurry? Just in case. I really need to figure this out and I don’t want to go through the process. I am so miffed that I blew my chance at Canadian citizenship due to not understanding the rules. Half credit to Mom for at least trying on that count.

As the election gets closer, my concerns about an effort to literally steal the election grow stronger. I hope I’m wrong. Another friend accused Obama of being a socialist, and I will agree he’s got some of those tendencies. But it’s better than what we’ve got now. McCain’s refusal to concede points when he’s wrong and proven wrong* (such as on the war) means he shouldn’t lead as does his selection of a nutcase as his running mate. She may be attractive, she may like hockey, but she’s not overly bright — nor is she a moron — and she’s dangerous.

Your rights continue to be eroded in the name of national security. You have less rights and you’re not any safer. Vote for Obama. Many of you don’t like either candidate, and I respect that. Neither candidate I would have HAPPILY voted for is running. But if you vote for a fringe or write-in candidate, the only statement you make is “I’m a fucking idiot” because in a close election — and this will be very close — that’s basically a vote for McCain because you take one away from Obama. Don’t waste your vote. Please.

And to those who replied to that last thread via comment or e-mail, thanks for your support. Everything weighs in on a decision I make.

*I really must thank the person responsible. I’m not sure if this is sarcasm or not.

** Much like 101.

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