Another Pair of Book Reviews (Graveyard Book and Things Not Seen)

I have just finished two more books. Flights home from Vegas will do that to you.

I read Neil Gaiman’s new “ The Graveyard Book ” — and it was fantastic. Really, really good. It’s a nice little young adult fantasy novel involving a real boy who lives in a graveyard. There’s nothing specific I liked about the book, but it’s well done and you just become involved as you read it. It’s a quick read and is relatively short. But it’s got some really interesting premises going on. I think you guys will like this one.

The other was “ Things Not Seen ” by Andrew Clements. This one’s not my typical book because it’s just plain ol’ fiction. Not fantasy or sci-fi. It’s a boy meets girl tale starring a 15-year-old kid who happens to turn invisible and a girl who happens to be blind. You’ll find yourself smiling through the entire thing. Nothing heady or complex but just a good book. There are some parts you’ll wonder why the hero isn’t a typical horny kid, but I don’t suppose it matters. I can’t give the spoiler, but you’ll see.

Nation. Wow. (See review a few days ago). Really read that book.

I am cranky and jet lagged. Scooter doesn’t appear well, and I am concerned. I’ll wait until tomorrow to see if it’s just a quick thing or she needs to go the vet.

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