Barack Obama: President Elect. Congratulations!

Congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama for winning a decisive, historic victory. The electoral college will show a huge win. The popular vote will show otherwise — it’s pretty close like the last two elections. Less than 10% is still close, but it is a mandate by the people and a sign that it’s time for change.

And while McCain’s concession speech was very nice and gentlemanly, his audience seems to be rather uncouth as they are not bright enough as a group to follow their leader and be graceful. Obama’s speech was not quite as good as McCain’s, but Obama seems presidential. McCain’s speech was very presidential and maybe if he showed that he might have had a better chance. But Palin cost him the election.

America proved it has come a long way. As a whole, the majority of us picked the right candidate. It wasn’t divided by region. It was a collective vote by all the people realizing we need to change the course of this country. Our freedoms have been compromised, our ideals sold out, and now, maybe, we can fix it.

And now, we boldly go into a new future for America, Americans, and the World.

PS: Palin can now go get her daughter an abortion. Good riddance to Palin.

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