Foundation by Mercedes Lackey

I’ve got another book to give a quick review on. I’ve read most of Mercedes Lackey’s work (my friend Paul had recommended the first one to me aeons ago). Lately I’ve given them a little less attention as my horizons expanded and my time for free reading decreased — you should see my unread book pile; it’s embarrassing.

Anyway, I was searching for Plane Books. You know, those easy reads you buy for a plane ride so after a bump, an interruption, and so forth, a missed or duplicated paragraph won’t be nearly as upsetting. Well, it ended up I only read three of my four plane books (see previous reviews) because I was catching up on magazines. This was the fourth one.

And, I must say, it’s pretty damned good. It starts of irritatingly predictable with the poor, mistreated waif of irrelevant gender being chosen. Once that’s out of the way, the book really gets going and this one is quite a bit different than her other works, though there are a few preachy moments snuck in by the author. Still, I enjoyed it. I was dismayed to find out this is book one of a multiple volume entry. So there’s certainly a cliffhanger I wasn’t expecting. I’m usually careful not to get into a multi-volume series where the books can’t stand independently until the series is complete. I highly recommend this book. Enjoy.

And I want to, once again, thank Jose for helping me to keep my sanity. I realize there isn’t much to work with when it comes to my sanity, but thanks for saving what’s left.

I’ve had a cold for about a week now. As you know, I was recently off at the NIFS/West trade show, having fun, gambling, and sharing food with some of my colleagues. At our group big meals, Gaby is fond of ordering appetizers for the table and sharing them. Proper etiquette means using a fork/spoon solely for dishing from the appetizer plate on to your plate, and then using your personal fork from thereon out. I know the rules. But that’s not how they do it. Well turns out Greg had strep so all of us had to go get tested. So now I am on antibiotics, etc, etc. At least I know why I’m sick. I have all the symptoms, but the test wasn’t conclusive, so they are treating me while they grow a culture just to be safe. I did this all the local Baptist Urgent Care Centre: it was actually a good experience! Treated like a person, everyone friendly, explained everything. I’m not used to that. They get an A+ for everything except for some obscure reason they won’t fax a prescription into the pharmacy which means you have to wait and wait and wait.

I prefer no gifts. I like giving gifts, but not so much receiving them. I’ve instituted, unilaterally, among my family a two-gift policy. This way they know they’re not getting more, and it doesn’t become a contest. It’s just silly, especially in this economy. Most of my relatives are thrilled, some not so much. I guess they mistake me for someone who gives a damn. Many of my friends and I have agreed to forgo future gifts, which is even cooler. I just updated my Amazon wish list for those who are interested — but please, there is no obligation.

I’m doing holiday cards again this year after swearing I wouldn’t. And it sucks because I don’t have a good insert this year. Damn. Not going to everyone though. I’m behind schedule this year.

I’m still trying to fly the coop this turkey day, but it doesn’t look possible because of complications. On the plus side I may get to see Jose. And his brother Hose B. I love that joke. It’s an antique John Charles joke.

I should be hungry but I’m not. Stupid cold. I haven’t exercised since last Thursday because I have no energy due to being sick. And today my rear tyre* was low on air — so the sensor light said. I had to add ten pounds of air. But I can’t find a puncture anywhere, so I’ve decided to eschew a repair unless it happens again. Maybe someone decided to let a lot of air out for fun? Still, nothing like paying 50 cents for air and getting greasy in 51-degree windy weather when you’re sick. How did YOUR day start?

I spoke with Rob about our long delayed (11-2006) collaborative project, and it will continue to be long delayed. It sucks as I was kinda’ looking forward to it. But a two person project needs two people.

Oh and my neck is hurting again. But I won’t go to the chiro until I’m over the cold.

*That is spelt correctly. Shut up.

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