Scooter News — More

The orthopaedic guy has inspected Scooter. She is not a candidate for anything but the most minor surgery The odds on there being anything that can be done are close to zero. Doctors Cabeza, Child, Diaz, and he all agree. That’s four vets with the same basic opinion.

However, it might be a small tumor or something that could be impacting the spinal area and that could be easily removed. So, we have arranged with the local MRI center to allow Scooter to come in Saturday for an MRI — they normally don’t do animals. There is a high risk from the anesthesia as well. The orthopaedic guy says with these results he’ll be able to look me in the eye and tell me what to do, but without out there is still some doubt.

I can’t/won’t make a decision unless I know for sure, though I’m sure that decision will come Saturday evening sometime. I’m also going to visit her today. I wish I could let her come home but that’s not an option in her shape. I really hope this is something simple, but I probably know better.

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