Various Items

  1. Visited Scooter this AM. I was happy not to get any grief from the holiday staff. I brought her brush and brushed her. She didn’t seem happy to see me, but it wasn’t personal. She was just out of it.
  2. I met the weekend vet. He looked like he was 14 but he said Scooter wasn’t any worse or better. She’s eating but they have to hand feed her. I’m going to try that tomorrow. She also needs help to go to the bathroom because she can’t stand on her own.
  3. Two more days until The Decision. ::sigh:: Pray for Scooter.
  4. I am going to auction off my mother to the highest bidder. Before dinner we were discussing where silk came from because my grandmother got a new silk scarf from Sophia in China. (I just finally gave it to her because I am a less than perfect grandson and it’s been here since I got back from the NIFS show early this month). Mom asked if silk came from … Wait for it … Wait … Wait … Wait … Panda Bears. I am not making this up. Bidding starts at £1.50 and will go in 50p increments. Winner pays shipping. Cash in pounds sterling only.

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