Just A Little More Fame

Unlike my bud Murph I am not the Official Media Whore of the Florida Panthers* but I thought I’d mention that I have once again been quoted in a national publication.

The new one is an article about inventory counts at Interstate and appeared in Industrial Distribution magazine’s current 12-1 issue. I was also quoted in an older article about other Distribution issues. There’s also one in TechWorld from last year, but their facts are so messed up it’s embarrassing. I guess they didn’t bother to actually check what I said. The concept of the article is right but the numbers and such are just messed up. But we are pretty much Microsoft free so that’s a good thing.

I’ve been quoted in lesser-known publications and newspapers, either as an expert on hurricane shutters from my role at Interstate or various hockey stories (generally in the Fishwrapper/Herald) and sometimes even some tech articles as the result of DAR Systems. Mostly I lie low now and these articles are all generally older.

*Murph, you know I’m kidding right? 🙂 I mean the Panthers would charge you to use that title.

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