Scooter Update 5.1

  1. I went and visited Scooter today. She wasn’t happy at all and refused her Petrodex treats. That was a bad sign and I made sure the vet knew it. I petted her and brushed her, but she was just not interested today. So after about 20 minutes I left, leaving her treat behind.
  2. I spoke to the surgeon today. He has two older cats and after tomorrow they’re going to decide what to do. He told me he’ll tell me flat out whether he’d do it if it were his cat or not. He is also concerned about her quality of life even if he does the surgery. Recovery is from 6 weeks to 6 months. I’m not sure if I can do that to Scooter if it’s that long and complicated. So the news doesn’t look good.

    I love my kitty and I am very, very sad. News tomorrow most likely.

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