Identity Theft (Final Chapter)

Just a bit more. I spoke to the detective in question. I can’t really say too much. The person arrested IS a bank employee at BankAtlantic — as I suspected. He had the names and details of a LOT of people. He was captured with the help of BankAtlantic (yay) and many months ago, you may remember I posted, and then redacted a post saying they had a voice recording of the guy opening an account in my name. Well, they do still have that.

I have let BankAmerica know the guy’s in jail and given them the case number and direct number to the detective.

I gave a sworn statement today and affirmed my intent to cooperate with any prosecution. The US Secret Service has been involved.

I hope there is a big, fat, hairy, biker dude in prison who thinks this guy has a cute ass. That would be PROPER justice.

THERE WILL BE NO FURTHER INFORMATION POSTED. This is for the integrity of the case. It could be well over a year before we find the disposition of what happens next. I have scanned the names of people arrested in Fort Lauderdale, but this guy hasn’t shown up yet. When he does, you’re going to see a link 🙂

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