Randomness Part Neuf

As I write this, on the HAMMERSMITH & CITY LINE: Minor delays are occurring due to staff shortages. I love Tube widgets. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be on it today, but still. And I have BART widgets too: SF Airport train 1 min, 15 min, 30 min. I won’t be on that today either. Normal people have fun on their computer. I play with subway stuff. I am so lame.

I printed and hung an 8×10 photo of scooter by my front door last night. So I guess I’m making progress. All of her stuff except a collection of bizzy-balls have been sent to the various people who expressed interest. The pet sitter got the heavy stuff. Liz, Maury, Mom, and Suzie-Q all got stuff too.

I made a steak for dinner tonight. My driveway was pressure cleaned twice. I refused to pay for Wednesday’s job because it was so crappy. Thursday’s job is adequate. We’ll have to see what he thinks I ought to pay before I do so.

I signed the formal affidavit in the identity theft case. Just so you know.

I left yet another message for the attorney handling my injury case but he hasn’t called me back yet. I will continue to try.

The AC people are due tomorrow AM, so I’ll be late for work. No big deal but my line is clogged again. So, it needs to be blown out.

Adrian has promised to skate with me this Sunday so I am excited about that — I’m tired of being bored. He’s going to the game with me too. I’m supposed to meet Karen for dinner before the game and I gotta’ organize that.

I have plans starting Christmas afternoon through New Year’s Day. I’m telling anyone what they are. You get to know when I come back. I’m leaving town, it’ll be cold, and the air/hotel are fundamentally free — paid for with miles. Just taxes. This was all Karen’s doing. I am excited.

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