Oh what a day….

As if.

Anyway, last night I finally was able to fix a long-established irritant on my Mac. There’s an ACL error that has always shown up in my monthly disk-check feature. All articles say it’s harmless and just an irritant. However, it makes DiskUtility take an hour to run instead of 3 or 4 minutes because I had over 4,000 files with that error, and it ballooned my error log to 8.4MB! So, I keep thinking. A program I found called MacPilot came to the rescue: a new version has a repair ACL feature. You can ONLY use it on your directory — never use this feature on a system directory. Anyway, I tested it on one directory, and it appeared to work. I ran it on my entire ~/home folder and voila! Everything was fixed except QuickTime and DiskUtility. It now runs in normal time and life is good.

I got a haircut today in celebration of the Kwanzaa holiday. To hell with you if you don’t believe me.

Scooter is back home in a small box. This is upsetting to me. I need to do something, but I can’t. I thought I’d be able to put her somewhere, but I can’t quite do it. It came with a five stages of grief pamphlet designed for pet owners.

  1. Denial. That’s a river in Egypt. Sadly, there wasn’t even time for me to have this stage.
  2. Anger. I started here because the process took too long while she was suffering. And it talks about feeling of betrayal because some people are insensitive or don’t show appropriate caring while you’re suffering. Yeah, boy do I ever get that.
  3. Guilt/Bargaining: Do I have some? Yes. Forever. When Scooter first got sick some time ago, maybe a year, if we had thought to take an MRI then we might have known and been able to do something. But everyone thought it was the thyroid — though I kept asking why it was affecting her hindquarter. I’m mad I didn’t fight harder but I’m not a doctor so how could I know.
  4. Depression. Yes. Plenty of it.
  5. Acceptance. I don’t get this because I accepted it, knew it was coming, and all that rot. It doesn’t mean I like it. But there’s no way to not accept it. That’s what number four is for.

It also goes on to council your friends and loved one who think they mean well to not try and get you to get another pet if you don’t want one. Some people really don’t want one.

I decided, today, who’s going in our next round of layoffs at work. Sometimes you get lucky, and some employee does something that makes your decision for you. We are still going to wait until mid-January to do it though. A batch of three is next. I’m also going to try and replace some of our other employees who think being lazy is okay when I’m not looking. Except I’m always
looking and they just are too dumb to know.
Vacation in six days. I have a passport. I am not packed but will start packing based on a weather report on Monday.

I have to find entertainment for tomorrow. I have nothing to do. It was going to be a second day of Adrian but apparently, he’s grocery shopping. Perhaps I’ll go to the mall. That should kill a few hours just looking for somewhere to park.

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