England Day 3 (through 4pm GMT)

A follow on for yesterday’s post. I forgot to mention a funny anecdote. When we got to Boots, and Karen was asking about her cough medicine, the pharmacist listened and told her “You’re chesty” and there was a moment of hilarity because what Karen thought he meant and what he really meant were not the same thing.

Also when we got back to the hotel, we got on the lift and pressed “3” the elevator started bouncing, dropped what we thought was a foot or two. Then the elevator said something (it’s one of those talkie types), the doors opened, and we were in the BASEMENT. Stupidly, we took it back to the 3rd floor anyway whilst it made horrific noises. I called in and reported it. An hour later (late at night) I heard pounding, so they did something to it.

Rules is closed (!!!) through the 29th. I am shocked and appalled and there appear to be no open times through our departure date. I am crushed.

The rooms here are unspeakably small by any reasonable standard though, as I’ve noted no drawers nor even a shelf to put my bathroom items on. The suitcase I am living out of takes half the floor and the shower has no water pressure.

Woke up, ate at the hotel, and the breakfast buffet is quite nice — almost as good as the Rembrandt’s. Today we went to Portobello Road market and walked up and down it. We went much further than I ever had been before. If you walk all the way through you get to Ladbroke Grove tube stop on the H&C. We walked back to Notting Hill Gate nonetheless because Karen was looking for something. She didn’t find it, though she did get her son some stuff.

We then took the tube to Marble Arch and walked down Oxford Street, including into Selfridge’s which was swamped to the gills. They broke a record selling 1 million pounds in one day and that was on the front page of the paper along with news about Eartha Kitt. Sad, that. Anyway, no purchases there either. We passed the Playboy Store where Karen bought her some something as well. Then I went to Foyle’s and personally did my part to improve the British economy. After that it was on to Forbidden Planet. The Photographer’s Gallery moved, which was to be our next stop so that was cancelled for the day and we, at Karen’s request, went to the madhouse that was Harrod’s. Mom asked for biscuits, but they had nothing this time, so she sadly loses out.

The weather here has been frigidly cold. Hasn’t hit 40F yet today. Windy, too. “Feels like 29” according to the local weather. I must agree. But it’s sunny and dry. So it is pleasant. Anyway, walked from Harrod’s over to M&S Express and bought some fresh Raspberries. Yummy. Then found out Rules was closed so am trying to plan what’s next.

This afternoon they fixed the phone in my room. I kept wondering why I couldn’t use it. It turns out I am not an idiot, but that they didn’t turn it on. And the clock in my room (not changeable by the user) is 20m fast as it turns out.

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