England Day 4 (to 5pm)

Today was a breakfast at Patisserie Valerie with the world’s most delectable croissants. We walked from our hotel at Gloucester Road there and then on to Knightsbridge tube. We went to the Tower of London to take the Yeoman Warder tour and see the crown jewels. Sunday morning is always the least crowded time to go.

We went off to Speaker’s Corner next which was damn near deserted due to the cold, which is expected to continue to get worse. So that will adjust our nighttime activities. After that, we went off to Covent Garden where we walked about, went to the Tube Museum Shop (but not the museum). After that we returned to Harrod’s for me to buy a warm but over-priced hat as opposed to the cheap but not so warm crappy ones that are ten pounds all over the place.

Tomorrow we won’t see 40 and lows will be in the upper 20s. Fact is the lows won’t be above 32 for the rest of the trip. Highs will hover around 41 though.

After that, we had a spot of tea (blech). And then I went to Waitrose for some room stuff (candy, raspberries, etc.). Lovely.

Yesterday, I forgot to mention, we went into a Woolworth’s which is shutting down 1-5-09 after 99 years in business. It’s in receivership and is being liquidated now.

No play tonight so probably just some walking. We’ll see. Probably just add it to tomorrow’s post.

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