Cats of All Kinds

Scooter has been in her final resting place, and here’s a photo. I finally am posting what is the final picture of Scooter. Or, more accurately, her final resting place. Sorry that it took so long but this was a hard photo to take, edit, and upload. Harder still was the act of installing her ashes and sealing it with the screws.

I know the cat on top doesn’t look quite like her, but it was as close as I could get. Anyway, it’s still hard, believe it or not. I still think of her especially when I come home and she’s not here to greet me, when I go in the kitchen and see the empty spot where her food bowl belongs.

In other news, we have a running commentary about the cheerleaders at the BankAtlantic Center. We’re not big fans. Nobody disputes that they are very attractive — after all they are sponsored by a plastic surgeon. But they’re just so trampy. They remind all of us of strippers at a strip club. Officially they’re called the IceCats but Kathy Higgins dubbed them the PoleCats. It was a great nickname. Then, at the London Zoo, this Boxing Day, I snapped this photo which made me laugh:

I’m off to the mall to return oodles of holiday clothing items that don’t fit. I hate this.

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