The Long Road Out of Eden (Eagles, Sunrise Florida, 26 Jan 2009)

Concert Review: As Frey called it, this was the “Assisted Living Tour” and it was funny, though after reading reviews posted elsewhere online, I now realize the entire show down to the jokes were scripted. It didn’t feel scripted, so I don’t care. I think Frey’s funniest comment was that “mother is only half a word in Detroit.”

Their choice of attire was suit and tie, which was odd. They made several hard references to “buy our album” throughout the show. I didn’t mind because that’s why bands tour, but this was pretty in your face. Schmidt couldn’t quite hit those high notes, but he sounded great nonetheless, and it was fun hearing him try. The vocals were all so crisp and clear, it was just awesome.

Joe Walsh clowned around quite a bit, and I enjoyed that. And more importantly, I didn’t feel any tension from the stage unlike the “Hell Freezes Over” tour when there was some obvious disdain floating about. The set was a straight up no-frills stage with a half-moon under-utilized video screen.

All that aside, this was one of the better concerts of recent memory. It was a very long show starting at 815 give or take a few and running until about 1135pm (well past the arena’s city-ordinance curfew). The band sounded great on almost every song. The vocals were good, and the sound engineers did their job so you could actually hear the lyrics and the instruments without having one drowned out by the other.

The songs (even the classics) were re-orchestrated to have a slightly more twangy, country-like sound but that was good.

As always my set lists may not be perfect. I’m old and my memory is shot. And today, having got home late, showered, and in bed close to 130 and not asleep until close to 230 and up not long after 6, I am not in good shape.

Oh, and I’m going to buy the albums: as soon as I don’t have to get it all WalMart.

Set List

  1. How Long
  2. Busy Being Fabulous
  3. I Don’t Want To Hear Anymore
  4. Guilty of the Crime
  5. Hotel California
  6. Peaceful Easy Feeling
  7. I Can’t Tell You Why
  8. Witchy Woman
  9. Lyin’ Eyes
  10. 10.Boys of Summer
  11. In The City
  12. The Long Run

    (Apx 20min)
  13. No More Walks in the Woods
  14. Waiting in the Weeds
  15. Love Will Keep Us Alive
  16. Take It To The Limit
  17. Long Road Out Of Eden
  18. Somebody
  19. Walk Away
  20. One of These Nights

  21. Life’s Been Good
  22. Dirty Laundry
  23. Funk #49
  24. Heartache Tonight
  25. Life In The Fast Lane


  26. Take It Easy
  27. Desperado

    Special shout-outs to the following:

    E: Sorry you’re sick and having a rough patch at the same time.

    B: Sorry you’re having a rough time right now, too. You’re not alone. Ask for help and your friends will come through.

    M: Glad your party went ok.

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