He Shoots, He Scores. Au revoir, Les Habs :)

Yeah, okay, let’s start with a hockey post. Richard Zednik (he of the slashed throat) scored one of the most amazing goals seen since “The Goal” scored by Billy Lindsay.

View Zednik’s Goal Here [LINK]*

It’s been a long time since the Panthers fans have seen a complete, nearly perfect performance. And last night we dominated Les Habitants du Montréal. And it was good. Great. Fantastic. Just brilliant.

And now a brief word on Global Warming courtesy of The Christian Science Monitor** — I am posting this because of the large number of idiots with whom I speak every day. Weather is not climate. Climate is not weather. They are two separate things. Please do not believe the utter horseshit uttered by mostly right-wing nutters that say “Look how cold it is! How can there possibly be global warming.” The reason is simple: we are having cold weather. That is not the climate. It’s the weather. It rains in the desert, it snows in Miami***, and it can reach 100 Fahrenheit in London.**** Statistical anomalies always happen, and the weather is full of them. Nine hurricanes hitting Florida in two years is another fine example. The fact is NASA themselves show the hottest 10 years ever were all recorded in the past 12 years.

To E: Condolences on the loss of your Uncle or congratulations. Whatever works best for you in this case.

To B: I still ain’t telling you. Suffer. ::evil laugh::

To Mom: Feel better — hope that flu goes away

*Thanks, Dave, for the Link.

** 19 January 1977 — I remember it well

*** Sadly, I was there for that too.

**** Unfortunately, I was there for them too.

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