Welcome Facebook People :)

Today, I found you could link your blog to your Facebook profile in the ‘news’ tab, so I did. I’d like to welcome all the Facebook people who didn’t know I had a blog. Feel free to join the 213,000 people before you that have already been bored to death by my blog. It’s probably more than that, but the counter, well, I didn’t quite install it right away having no idea anyone would actually give a shit. Silly me.

Tara had made a Facebook post “25 things” and, honestly, I ignored it because it scared me a little. Then Erin did it, and I ignored it. Then guilt set in. So today I did that “25 things” post as well. In it you list 25 random things about yourself. I was all over. I mentioned my love of subways (the underground train and not the abhorrent sandwich chain) figuring I was close to alone in my fandom of said trains. Amazingly, I am not. Wow.

So what subways have I been on? London, Paris, Toronto, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, Cleveland, Taipei, Chicago, and Hong Kong. I have seen but not ridden on Shanghai, Berlin, Kaohsiung. I give San Francisco’s BART and Hong Kong’s MTR the highest marks of the lot. However, for sheer fun value the hands down winner is London. So I welcome all subway geeks too 🙂

Skating is on again this weekend (details are here for those who wish to attend, and I’m always willing to offer rides from my house for friends who wish to meet.). This new system is working well since A inexplicably abandoned me. We’re going to rotate rinks and days so everyone who wants to play has a chance.

I gotta get back to work and stop killing time.

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