Today’s Diatribe: Winn-Dixie

This is adapted from the missive I emailed in.

I’ve been shopping at the Doral Winn-Dixie on and off since it opened. Today I went in to make a purchase. I wanted a whole box of some FruitaBu fruit leathers (24/pcs) which I brought to the self-serve checkout along with several other items.

I also brought one INDIVIDUAL FruitaBu because I know the full box doesn’t always scan properly. I’ve done this before without any problem. So, I got to the register and scanned all my other stuff first. I have the receipt to prove it (number 0280-93-0141) and the fruit leathers are conspicuously absent.

Why? Because the first employee who came to help when the “assistance required with this item” light started flashing didn’t speak a whit of English. Now, I speak some Spanish and that doesn’t bother me, but I am unable to explain the phrase “scan the barcode” in Spanish and hand gestures were clearly way beyond her ability to grasp. She kept asking me where I got the big box and I tried explaining that if she just scanned the individual one (which has a good but different bar-code) and told the computer there were 24, it would be okay.

No dice. She insisted on getting the manager. I can respect that. The manager would certainly be able to grasp such a simple concept. The manager, a lady, spoke better but not fluent English. Sadly, it was apparent that her grasp of common sense was, shall we say, lacking. I explain the situation to her again in clear English. She keeps telling me she has to go back to the shelf. Why?

Now, I ask you, if I have a single piece (which does scan) and the big box (which has a different bar code but contains 24 of the smaller unit inside) what is the sense in going to the shelf? She insists she needs to go to the shelf. I roll my eyes in frustration, but say nothing. After several minutes of waiting and her not coming back, I paid for what was already scanned, and walked out the door.

I will never return. First, Winn-Dixie need to hire employees that can communicate with their customers. I don’t care if they speak Spanish, French, or any other language; that’s great. However, some basic English skills would be nice. And I’m not one to call names but if that lady manager is the best Winn-Dixie can do, they’ve got trouble. You can’t teach common sense. No wonder they’re in bankruptcy. Back to Publix for me. Forever.

If Winn-Dixie responds, I may share it. I won’t hold my breath. My email may be past their skills to understand.

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