Settling Back In and Settling the Accident Claim

I am settling back in after my long weekend with Mom. Fatigue. Blech. Seems a number of you are jealous based on emails and comments that appear on my Facebook feed. Cool. I’m glad you’re jealous. I will remind everyone that I am the best tour guide you know for both London and Las Vegas. That’s why I’ve got several full pages of information on those two cities on my website. I do questions and directions too. (Ask Evan who called me in Florida all the way from London and I gave ’em to him off the top of my head.) I know my way around these places as well as — or maybe better — than my own hometown.

Speaking of settling, I do want to let everyone know that the accident case with Progressive has been settled. Has it been settled to my satisfaction? Absolutely, positively not. I believe this check is about 20% of what it should have been. It barely covers expenses paid out and leaves me nothing for future treatments. I think I’ve got about $700 left over. The bottom line is that the attorney who was advising me (at no charge, so a special thanks to Ian O. for the freebie and Richard S. for recommending him) said that while there was no doubt we’d win the case, the question was to what extent and how long I’d spend in court. This never was about the money. It was about doing the right thing. I will tell all of you no insurance company in any field ever does the right thing. They are all out to shove an old, wooden, splintered telephone pole up your ass without the use of Vaseline®.

I could have fought. I would have won. The lawyer would have taken his 33% cut. That would have left me ahead of the game but out hundreds of hours of time. It would have impacted me, my friends (you’d all have to testify that I wasn’t faking, etc, etc), my job, and my life. I wanted it over more than I wanted money. I am not happy — so the bottom line is I will be in pain for the rest of my life because of this accident, and I will get nothing for it. Anyway, I’m moving on. I just thought I’d give you closure.

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