HP2605 Laser Printer Woes

Howdy to all you guys in geek-land for today’s post is of geeky nature. We have (at work) an HP2605DN with the extra paper tray. Worked great for two years and stopped suddenly last week. This is not your concern. Because it was not easily fixable, I bought a new printer.

I took the 2605 to the repair shop and the labor at $125 is cheap. The parts (Formatter Board and DC Controller board) are $310! That $460 with tax to fix it. It was $699 brand new including the extra paper tray (250 sheet monster).

So, I have a free printer if you want it for parts. If you have a HP2605 series and need the monster extra paper tray, I’ve got one. It’s free but you have to pay shipping only.

More irritating to me is that it has four nearly new cartridges installed. I will also give you these as well. I will shrink wrap each cartridge to prevent spillage. This is well over $300 worth of laser-toner. Again, free exclusive of shipping. Or, if you want, you can just come and get the whole printer. Manuals, software, and power cord also available.

I don’t feel bad about posting this from work since it is a work-related post.

And, as a note, I appreciate most my friends more than they can know.

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